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Your makeup artist at home in 91

Ask for your quote to book a makeup artist at home 91

I am a professional makeup artist with 10 years of experience. I offer my in-home services in 91. You can book me for weddings, photo shoots and other special occasions. My prices are very affordable and I work quickly to ensure your look is perfect in every circumstance!


“ Everything went well.
We appreciated the performance.
Your collaborating makeup artist was professional and punctual. 


Why call on Cindy Maquilleuse Paris for your at-home makeup in 91?

There are many reasons why you should call on Cindy Maquilleuse Paris for your at-home makeup in 91.

The first reason is that I am a highly qualified makeup artist, a Makeup Art Academy graduate in Paris. I am constantly updating my skills by taking training courses, so you can be sure that I know the best makeup practices.

Next, makeup is my passion and I love makeup for the sake of makeup. In other words, makeup brings me joy.

Third, I ensure that your at-home makeup application is done quickly and efficiently without any rush or compromise on the quality of the work. For these reasons, you must call on me for your makeup needs in 91.

How to prepare for an at-home makeup artist 91?

First of all, you need to make a list of makeup products that you usually use. This will help the makeup artist know what type of makeup to use on you and know your skin type. If you don't know your skin type, don't hesitate to ask the makeup artist. He or she will determine the best method to meet your needs

Next, make sure your face is clean and makeup-free for at least 24 hours before the appointment. It is also good that you do it after sleeping soundly for 8 hours. This will make it easier for the makeup artist to ensure that your makeup is flawless.

Prepare to feel comfortable by wearing comfortable clothes and having snacks on hand.

Sachez que je propose également mes services en tant que coiffeuse et maquilleuse pour votre mariage.


Donc si vous avez besoin d'un chignon et que vous n'avez pas encore trouvé de coiffeuse, je suis à votre entière disposition.

I am available in all the suburbs of Île-de-France such as:

Val de Marne (94), Essonne (91), Les Yvelines (78), Les Hauts-de-Seine (92), La Seine-Saint-Denis (93), Le Val d'Oise (95) and Seine-et-Marne (77)

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