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“ I passed an excellent evening. Know that everyone came to congratulate me on my makeup. People even came to tell me that if a competition had been organized I would have won. In addition, Cécile was completely professional. She arrived a little early and finished her performance well on time. The makeup held up very well during my evening at the club and the realism of the “burnt face” makeup was striking. Cécile was also very pleasant to talk to. The time passed very quickly. I hope she will be able to exercise her talents thanks to your structure for a long time to come. »


Do you have a party or a special event for Halloween? So, having your makeup done will be necessary! For this day, you can choose different styles of halloween makeup. If you want to opt for originality with special effects or rather for makeup of your favorite villain, book your Halloween Makeup Artist. Booking a professional makeup artist for Halloween is not easy, ask for your quote now to guarantee a successful evening.

Why book a Halloween Makeup Artist at Cindy Maquilleuse Paris?

First of all, what is Halloween? We tell you everything!

Halloween in real life: an iconic celebration

Held on October 31 each year, Halloween is a pagan holiday that commemorates the day before All Souls Day. It is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is currently enjoying similar success at Christmas. To succeed in this celebration, you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a monster or a ghost. Thus, an exceptional disguise is immediately necessary if you want, as they say, to chase away the evil spirits that haunt homes today.

The objective is clearly to bring a touch of originality and color to your celebration. Thanks to a Halloween Makeup Artist, you can opt either for children's makeup, the little ones are transformed into monsters and other terrifying characters, or for the most terrifying Halloween makeup with special effects. A touch here and there and you will obtain the desired effect for your event. If you take care of the organization, you will have to ensure the success of the makeup of all participants!

Make Halloween a success with a professional.

You are obviously wondering why not do your own express make-up for your event? For a special event, special preparation is required.

For this purpose, a Halloween makeup artist, professional in face-painting and special effects, allows you to transform yourself. Thanks to specific know-how and skills, you will be able to obtain Halloween makeup, enough to impress all the participants of your party. Your Halloween Makeup Artist is capable of transforming the faces of young and old, according to the model of your choice.

For your makeup, I offer you a quality service, done at home. Much more than just a costume, there's a whole set available to you at Cindy Maquilleuse Paris, everything you need to make Halloween a success. With a professional makeup artist, creativity and experience are combined to give you the most terrifying makeup.

Indeed, the experiences acquired in the field of makeup allow me to precisely choose the most suitable techniques for optimal results. The material used is hypoallergenic and suitable for young and old alike.

A Halloween makeup artist: impressive results.

If you want you and the participants of your Halloween party to be unrecognizable, terrifying or frightening, then don't hesitate to book your Halloween makeup artist. The results are impressive, and the quality of the makeup will delight everyone, so you can have an unforgettable evening. With Cindy Makeup Artist Paris, makeup takes on its full meaning.



Book your Halloween makeup artist, ask for your quote.

To book a professional makeup artist who does Halloween makeup and children's makeup, start by specifying the type of makeup you want as well as your expectations. This is an important step to respond as best and quickly as possible to your request. To do this, you will need to complete the form available online below, in which you will indicate your contact details. A reserved space also allows you to indicate the subject of your request and the message you wish to convey to your professional makeup artist.

Efficiently and quickly, your Halloween makeup artist will contact you within 24 hours to give you feedback on the makeup requested. You thus obtain a personalized and detailed quote. If the quote suits you and once you have selected the makeup of your choice, your professional makeup artist will schedule an appointment with you.

For total comfort and peace of mind, Halloween makeup services are done at home. You will not have to worry about makeup equipment, because your Halloween makeup artist will come with all the equipment necessary to carry out your makeup and you will be able to fully enjoy your evening.

To celebrate Halloween in a unique way, entrust your makeup to Cindy makeup artist Paris, your experienced Halloween makeup artist.  

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