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Your makeup artist for filming

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I am a professional makeup artist for Tourange with years of experience. In particular, I worked for several years for TF1 with the shows 4 mariage pour une lon de honey.


I have also worked on different clips and short films in my career.

I will therefore be able to provide my expertise to ensure successful makeup for your shoot.

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Who is my shoot makeup service for?

The service is aimed at audiovisual professionals (cinema, music videos, TV shows, corporate videos, events, etc.).

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10 reasons to use my makeup services for your shoot

When people think of a makeup artist, they probably think of someone who is responsible for making actors and actresses look stunning on screen.


While this is certainly one of the main duties of a shoot makeup artist, there are other reasons why you should hire an artist on a shoot.


Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't do a shoot without a makeup artist.

1.) Specialized film makeup artists are able to create natural, flawless looks.


If you're filming soap operas or a reality TV show, you'll need your actresses and actors to look natural and flawless when they appear on screen. This is where the makeup artist comes in. He is skilled at creating natural, film-ready looks, so your actors always look their best. A professional television makeup artist can handle the work of several people, which can save you time and money. It can take care of everything from applying makeup to hair to clothing, meaning you don't need to employ separate costume designers and hairstylists.


2.) They can help you create a particular style or look for your event.


If you have a particular style or look to present, a makeup artist can help you achieve it. They are experts in creating different looks and will therefore be able to give your show the exact look you are looking for. Whether you're looking for a glamorous Hollywood look or a more natural approach, a makeup artist can help you achieve it. Having a competent makeup artist on set will give actors a sense of security. They will have the confidence that they are at their best and that they are being looked after by a professional, which can help them focus on their performance.


3.) They can make actors appear younger or more mature, depending on the role.


One of the most common requests from actors is that they look older or younger for their age. This result can be achieved by makeup artists. They know how to use makeup to make a person appear older or younger depending on the character they are playing. This skill is useful for period shows or pieces that take place over a number of years. An artist's makeup can make actors look and act like the character they are playing, which can mean the difference between a successful performance or not.


4.) They can help resolve any makeup issues during filming.


No matter what you plan, there will always be unexpected problems during filming. This is where makeup artists come in. He or she can help with any makeup problem, whether it's someone who is allergic to a specific type of makeup or an event that requires a particular effect. A makeup artist on set can help avoid any delays or problems. Having a makeup artist in the studio may seem like a waste of money, but it can save you money in the long run. Makeup artists will help you avoid costly mistakes, like applying too much makeup or using different makeup.


5.) They can also provide continuity between episodes and scenes


If you're filming a show that has multiple episodes, or even multiple years, it's essential to ensure continuity between scenes. This is where makeup artists come in. They ensure that the actors appear identical in every scene. This is especially important for shows shot in a non-linear fashion. The makeup artist will help you monitor the appearance of your characters and make sure they are uniform. Hiring a makeup artist for your television show is a necessity for actors who want to appear their best. It can help you create an ideal style, solve any makeup problems and ensure consistency between different scenes.


6.) They can help you with last minute touch-ups


Last-minute makeup touch-ups are necessary, whether before an actor goes on stage or between takes. A makeup artist can assist you with last-minute touch-ups, so you don't have to worry about them. The artist can also help you make last minute changes to your makeup. If you're looking to add more blush or fix a smudge, a makeup artist can help.


7.) He can show you how to do your own makeup for the shoot.


If you are just starting to enter the world of television, you may not be able to apply the makeup you want to do. A makeup artist will show you how to do your own makeup for television. He will explain the best items to choose and how to apply makeup. They can also give you pointers on how to create a custom look. If you're trying to figure out whether you prefer natural or more dramatic makeup, a makeup artist can help.


8.) They can provide valuable insight into the world of makeup for filming.


If you are new to television makeup, a makeup artist will be able to provide you with helpful information on this area. They can provide you with information on different products, techniques and looks. It can also introduce you to professionals who can help you in your career. The makeup artist is an essential part of the television industry and can help you break into your profession. Makeup artists can save you time doing your makeup. This means you don't have to think about it and can focus on other tasks. They can help you save time by showing you how to apply makeup yourself.


9) They can help you create an original look for your event.


If you want your event to be memorable, a makeup artist can help you create an individual style. It can help you find a unique style for your event. It could be a particular type of lipstick or a particular method of applying eye makeup. An experienced makeup artist will help you create an individual look for your event that will set it apart from the crowd.


10) They can help you reduce your production time and costs


An experienced makeup artist can save you time and money during your production. It can take care of your makeup and you don't have to worry about it. It can also teach you how to do your own makeup, saving you time and money. The makeup artist is a crucial aspect of the television industry and can help put you on the path to success.

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