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Your fx makeup artist

Request a quote for an fx makeup artist

I am a professional makeup artist for the theater, with several years of experience.


I worked for several years with TF1 in the show 4 marriages to celebrate for a honeymoon.

Additionally, I have worked on different short films and music videos throughout my career.

I will be able to use my experience to your advantage to ensure impeccable makeup for your shoot.

Who could benefit from my Fx makeup services?

This service is aimed at audiovisual professionals

(theatre, films, music videos, corporate videos, television shows, events...etc).

Complete the following form to receive a quote within 24 hours.

10 reasons to use my Fx makeup artist services

When we think of fx makeup artists for film production, we might imagine someone responsible for making actors and actresses look dazzling on screen.


While this is certainly one of the main responsibilities of an fx makeup artist for filming, there are other reasons to employ a makeup artist.


Here are 10 good reasons why you shouldn't go on a shoot without an FX makeup artist.

1.) specialist fx makeup artists can produce natural and flawless appearances.

If you are filming soap operas or a reality TV show, you will require your actors to appear authentic and perfect when they are on screen. This is where the makeup artist comes in. He is skilled at producing natural, film-ready images so your actors appear in their best light. A professional television makeup artist can handle the work of multiple people, which can reduce time and costs. It can handle everything from makeup application to hair styling to clothing, meaning you don't need to hire separate hairstylists and costume designers.


2.) They can help you create a specific look or style for your special event.

If you are looking for a specific style or look that you want to convey, makeup artists can help you achieve that. They are skilled at creating different styles and will be able to give your event the exact look you are looking for. Whether you're looking for a sleek Hollywood look or a more natural look, makeup artists can help you achieve it. Having a professional makeup artist on stage can give actors a sense of security. They will have the assurance that they are at their best and being looked after by an experienced professional, which will help them focus on what they are doing.


3.) They make actors appear younger or more mature, depending on the role.

One of the most common requests from actors is to look older or younger for their age. This can be done by makeup artists. They know how to use makeup to make a person look older or younger depending on the character they are playing. This skill is useful for theater productions or period pieces that span several years. A performer's makeup can make actors appear and behave like the character they are playing and can impact the success or lack of success of a show.


4.) They can help with any makeup issues while filming.

No matter what you do, there will always be unexpected problems on the day of filming. This is the role of makeup artists. They can help with any makeup problem, whether it's someone who is sensitive to a particular type of makeup or an event that requires a specific effect. Having a makeup artist on set will avoid any problems or delays. Having a makeup artist in the studio may seem like an expense, but it can help you save money in the end. Makeup artists can help avoid costly mistakes, like applying too much makeup or applying different makeup.


5.) They can also provide continuity between episodes and scenes.

If you are filming a series that has several episodes or even several years, it is important to ensure continuity between scenes. This is the reason why makeup artists are necessary. They make sure the actors look the same in every scene. This is especially crucial for series that run non-linearly. The makeup artist can help you track your actors' appearance and make sure they match the script. Employing a makeup artist for your television show is a necessity for actors who want to appear their best. The makeup artist can help you achieve the perfect look, resolve any makeup issues, and ensure consistency between your scenes.


6.) They can help you with last minute touch-ups

Last-minute makeup touch-ups are essential whether the actor is on stage or between takes. The makeup artist will help you with last minute touch-ups so you don't have to worry about them. It can help you make last minute adjustments to your look. If you want to add more blush or remove the appearance of a spot or streak, the makeup artist can help.


7.) He can help you do your own makeup for the session.

If you are just beginning to explore the field of television, you may not be able to apply the makeup you would like. An fx makeup artist can guide you on how to apply your own makeup for television. He will show you the best makeup products to use and the best way to apply your makeup. He can also give you instructions on how to create an individual style. If you're trying to figure out what you prefer in an unnatural or striking makeup style, an artist can help.


8.) They can give useful information about the fx makeup industry.

If you're new to TV makeup, an artist can give you helpful information about this area. They can provide details on different makeup techniques, products and looks. It will also connect you with professionals who can help you in your career. Makeup artists are an important aspect of the television industry and can help you in your career. Makeup artists can save you time when it comes to applying makeup. This means you don't have to worry about it and can focus on other things. They can save you time by teaching you how to do your makeup on your own.


9.) They can help you create a unique style for your special event.

If you're looking to make your occasion memorable, makeup artists can help you create a unique look. They can help you find a unique look for your occasion. This could be a certain type of lipstick or a specific method of eye makeup. A professional makeup artist can help you create a unique look for your occasion that will set it apart from others.


10) It can help you reduce your production time and cost.

An experienced professional makeup artist can save you time and money during your production. They will take care of your makeup, and you won't have to worry about it. He can also show you how to apply makeup yourself, saving you time and money. Makeup artists are an essential part of the television industry and can help put you on the right path to success.

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